Top Ski-ing Tips

Ready to know some tips that will make you better at skiing? Well, this is the article for you. Let’s get started.

Shoulder over Knees

This is basically a rule of thumb. Shoulder over knees mean flexibility and the more flexible you are; chances are you shall be better in skiing. Before starting the skiing make sure to stretch a bit and do some warm up to relax your muscles.  Try as much as possible to bring a posture of shoulder over knees for better balance and aerodynamic shape.


2) Feel your feet…

Feeling your feet is very important. The entire balancing and movement depend on your feet. The main point is the arch where maximum pressure is put. Your arch needs to be strong. Also feel the pressure in your heels before starting so that you can balance better. Put your thigh at a required angle from your heel for lesser resistance during movement.

3) Turn with the legs…

Expert skiers who have been skiing for ages use the upper portion of their body to change directions accordingly. If you are not a pro at this you should avoid using upper body. Instead, use your legs to turn your directions. This way you can balance yourself and prevent from falling yourself. Also, this helps to take the proper angular change in direction.

4) Inclination vs Angulation… Folding your body!

Most people incline their body to prevent themselves from falling or losing balance. This is okay but remembers it is not always so simple. If you are moving with a greater speed and taking a sharp turn you need more inclination just like when you are riding a bicycle. The centrifugal force needs to balance off with your gravity pull. This is why at times angulation is required. If you are bending at an angle especially at a C shape you will have a perfect balance. Less resistance and easy movements and turns can be taken now.

5) Balance against the outside ski…

If you are skiing in hard snow your entire grip depends on your outside foot. The more the pressure you put on the outside foot the better grip you can have which shall prevent you from falling off. Similarly in softer snow maybe you don’t need as much as the pressure in outside foot but still, you need to bend and relax your inner foot to get a better grip thus putting more pressure on the outside one.

6) Walking poles…

Release your hands and set them free outside. This way you will get a better balance.

8) Release the edges to start a new turn…

Many times people think to start a new turn they need to put full pressure that they literally fall off the board. This is a myth. In fact, the movement should be so smooth and carefree that you can easily take a turn. The lesser effort and energy you will put the smoother it shall be. This is why release the edges to free it from the snow and then take a turn.

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